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Why is VR training necessary in industries?

VR training is being popularly adapted today and if you have wondered why, there are many reasons why industries shifted to VR training from traditional training. One of those is safety. Having witnessed worker incidents globally especially in high-risk work environments, the industry 4.0 concept that roots for industrial automation welcomes Virtual Reality considering it as one of the most edifying innovations that can contribute to worker safety and productivity in the workplace.


How does VR training curtail worker incidents?

The workers would have a prior understanding of the consequences of both the existing and unprecedented jeopardies with a physical clone of the industry floor that simulates real-time experience. So, they will be conscious before they enter the actual work environment, thus leading to fewer mistakes and eventually zero mistakes. This will gradually bring down the worker incident rate to zero.


The other reasons to switch to VR Training Traditional Training Vs VR Training

Traditional Training

VR Training

More distraction, less interaction= Lesser productivity

Less Distraction, More interaction= More Productivity

In a traditional method where there is obviously more distraction and less interaction, the trainers cannot expect higher retention rates from the trainees. This leads to lesser productivity.

With VR training, the chances of getting distracted is negligible or nil as their vision would be restricted only to the factory environment with VR Headsets. The immersive experience they have with the VR headset will pull their attention in, making it too hard to not focus.

The familiarity that the trainees get with the physical clone in VR will make them well-oriented ahead of their visit to the industry floor.


The benefits that companies reaped after incorporating VR

The companies that adapted to VR training stated that their ROI has significantly increased in a year as they could halve the training cost spent annually on traditional training. Also, the increase in productivity led to the increase in the company's ROI. The worker incident rate has been reported to reduce gradually saving them the compensations spent on injuries and fatalities. The companies could effectively guide their employees about working in high-risk environments just by putting them in a low-risk environment with an oculus. After all, increase in productivity and decrease in worker incident rate is what every company wants, to grow in this competitive world.

When is your company going to switch to VR training for the good? Get your digital transformation done by MEYNIKARA today and stay assured to grow!

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