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What Do Employees Feel About VR Training ?

The immersive VR training creates a greater impact on employees than a classroom training or e-learning would do. Study shows that employees are 4 times more connected to the subject in VR training than they are in classroom training and 2 times more than they are in e-training.

VR training in any industry that is labour intensive, be it construction, manufacturing or mining, provides an opportunity for the employees to practise and perform activities as many times as possible and penetrate as many spaces or scenarios as possible. This training method has reduced training time by 40% without compromising on the effectiveness of the training. What a live training offers can be offered by VR training more effectively at a fraction of cost. 70% retention has been observed by the trainers in VR training whereas, the retention in normal training is just 10%.

Here is what the users said when they were made to experience VR training

“That felt so real”

“Am able to learn faster and better”

“I feel more confident now”

“I understand things clearly which usually doesn’t happen in a classroom learning”

“Thanks for this. This is a very useful tool to learn and experiment”

VR has become the most reliable tool to train employees faster and better, so that the employers needn’t worry about the production downtime that might happen during the training period. The impenetrability in a live training environment and the lack of scalability is what makes VR a more effective training that can produce greater results.

All the companies that got their VR training developed by Meynikara said nothing different from the above mentioned feedback. Meynikara recommends VR training for every company that wants skilled workers in order to make progress

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