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What all can you train in VR ?

From creating product prototypes to quality checks , Virtual Reality can make it 2x times faster and easier , increasing the worker productivity rate as well as decreasing the worker incident rate in the high risk work environment.

The areas of complexity where Virtual Reality is highly applicable,

In assembly and quality control

Complex machine assemblies are no more dependent on manuals and quality control is no more tedious because VR training can make it simpler yet effective.

In Maintenance

VR can help the employees in seamlessly fixing the machines using simulation without much confusion.

In Product Design:

The time and effort for R&D that goes into making a prototype, the iterations that come after can be minimized with VR. There can be as many experiments as possible until the desired product is achieved.

In sales and Marketing

The sales team can now take customers on a Virtual Machine tour to demonstrate the functionality of the products making it easier for the customers to decide between the varieties.

In safety :

Give your workers a controlled exposure to the cons in high risk work environments with VR to help them prevent themselves from injuries and fatalities, which will eventually reduce worker incident rate.

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