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VR Training To Set The Paradigm In Safety Training

Updated: May 6, 2022

Safety is a mandatory check box when it comes to equipping workers for high risk jobs. From physical demonstration to digital demonstration, safety training has certainly evolved in these many years. Virtual reality training is yet another level of evolution that is quite promising in terms of reducing worker incident rate by providing engaging and effective safety training.

All the shortcomings in the past training methods, like distractions and disengagement of the employees, poor hazard communications and physical risks have been covered in VR training with its authentic immersive experience in a zero risk environment. VR safety training aids in clear communication of hazards with its visualization and simulation of the possible dangers.

Manufacturing, mining, quarrying, oil & gas are the major industries that demand working at heights, in confined spaces and electrical units, where safety training is mandatory. The HSE officers of leading companies under these industries have reported that VR training is more effective in terms of hazard demonstration and hazard communication. The officers also stated that the VR training is self-explanatory even for a layman, thus, there will be no mistakes due to incomprehensibility.

This overwhelming positive response from the heads of the safety department is an encouragement for XR development companies like Meynikara. Having been successfully delivering customized VR safety training solutions to the APAC region, Meynikara is right now on a mission to take VR training across Europe. VR training is being well received in many companies for its biggest advantage, which is, reducing worker incident and accident rates. This innovation is soon expected to set a paradigm in safety training making many million dollar companies to incorporate it in their training session.

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