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Virtual Reality (VR) Training - A boon for Manufacturing sector

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Virtual Reality (VR) Training is gradually replacing the manual(traditional) training practices in manufacturing sectors. Let’s see how significant, safe and effective VR training is to know why it is a boon for many companies .

  1. The high risk work environments are mainly working at heights, Working in confined spaces and in electrical units. In such cases, it would be a wise move if companies go for a VR training in advance to detail the possible risks in work space using simulation and correspondingly make trainees practice precautions in that virtualized risk-free environment.

  2. In a normal low-risk environment, trainees would find VR training very useful in terms of space orientation and operations of complex equipment.

  3. VR training ensures more than 100% productivity.

  4. It enables engagement throughout and companies that integrated VR training like BP, Porsche have recorded a 70 % increase in retention rate.

  5. The damage causing anxiousness of the trainees while giving their first shot at machine operation in high-risk environment can be mitigated

  6. A 50% reduction in machine damage and injuries have been recorded after implementing VR training.

  7. Above all, the cost spent on manual training is cut down to 50% which will naturally increase the company’s ROI.

VR training is the best way to get started for both trainees and trainers to get productive. Instead of directly being subjected to real situations, they can practice the possible horrors digitally and escape those with ease when put in the real situation later. Check out this VR training program created by Meynikara in collaboration with subject matter experts of respective companies.

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