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Transform your Industry with AR/VR.

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

AR VR in Manufacturing

Why does the manufacturing industry need AR/VR?

Before answering this question, let’s talk about why it is necessary to be subjected to technological advancements in general.

The inevitable change

In a drastically evolving techno world where dependence on gadgets has maximised, there is no way for us to stay updated without adapting to the advancements. So, without technology, we might survive, but it is not possible to live upto the competition set in this fast growing era. After all, we have to be Romans when in Rome. Therefore, our growth depends on how readily we accept the change.

But, Don’t worry if you aren’t ready, Meynikara will get you there and make your techno-transition smooth!

Stay ahead with Meynikara!

Nokia, Blackberry are few of the majorly acknowledged companies that failed to innovate in time by not keeping up with the advancements. It is quite saddening and unacceptable to see such companies out of business. However, it isn’t easy to stay in the business as well, unless a company is ready to face the challenges that has been brought by this constantly changing techno century. Speaking of which, a business that looks forward to growing and prospering every year, must be ready to break stereotypes by utilising the technology coming up every year. Favourably, a business that welcomes unconventionalism is said to have conventional buyers.

Meynikara has developed the following in an intention to deliver solution oriented and sales attracting services using AR/VR technology, for various companies across the globe!

AR/VR training for industry professionals - To reduce the occurrence of machine damage and physical injury; to minimise the training hours and maximize productivity; to have anytime access to clarify doubts on operation, to save huge cost spent on training every year, to reduce the stress of not being able to accommodate huge numbers at once, to ensure 100% engagement and increase retention rates and above all, to significantly increase ROI. To know more click here

AR/VR product catalogue- To eliminate the burden of physically escorting all the available products to the venue; to give a clear demonstration of the product and its functionality in minutes just within the existing space, to allow the clients to have a hands on experience of the product which is not possible in a 2D catalogue, thus gaining their trust 2x times more with good impression. To know more click here

Here is Meynikara’s VR training model- VR (Virtual Reality) Training for manufacturing Industries:(Motor- assembling)

Click here to view the Interactive AR Product Catalogue:

We do know the functionality of machines in the manufacturing units is not as easy as it appears, so is the case with demonstrating the functionality of the products to clients. Even harder is to train workers to operate those machines. But worry not, Meynikara is here to make it easier for you as well as economical. Train your workers with AR/VR and demonstrate the product to the clients with a virtual product catalogue. It is a one stop solution that can be revisited by the workers as and when required. How cool is that?!

To know how Meynikara can help incorporate AR/VR in manufacturing visit-

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