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Tackling complications in confined spaces with VR safety training

Updated: May 6, 2022

No person at work shall enter a confined space to carry out work for any purpose unless it is not reasonably practicable to achieve that purpose without such entry” states “The confined space regulation1997”. The act came into ]practice to ensure that workers enter confined spaces only if it is unavoidable and the reason being the numerous fatalities caused by lack of oxygen, noxious fumes, fire or drowning due to flooding. In case an unavoidable situation arises that demands entry into confined space, the workers are supposed to assess the risks and be well informed of the control measures ahead of the entry.

Even if the necessary precautions are taken, the nature of work in the confined spaces may bring mayday unexpectedly. It is because of the limited exposure and lack of practice in traditional training sessions. Though the workers are trained, they cannot be trained effectively enough to tackle all the anticipated hazards in a confined space unless they are thoroughly exposed to it. But such a nuanced exposure cannot be expected in a traditional training method as it comes with its own limitations.

When Virtual Reality was invented, it opened doors to endless possibilities. All the physical constraints or limitations in a usual training method were broken through. The authentic immersive visualization provided in a VR environment is the key for effective safety training. The workers learn to tackle the complications of working in confined space by virtually travelling through the physical clone of that risk space in a zero risk environment. Each hazard and its impact can be simulated in VR giving the employees such a nuanced exposure, letting them safely suffer the hazard and fearlessly fail which is not possible in traditional training methods.

Meynikara is happy to exploring VR and delivering VR Safety Training Module for leading companies in APAC region.

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