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Optimizing first responder’s safety with VR safety Training!

First Responders have signed up to save others’ lives whilst risking theirs. Safety for first responders is not assured because hazards don’t come informed. Among the first responders, firefighters are at higher risk for the obvious reason. Though they are well equipped and are trained before-hand to face the danger, they are still vulnerable. Their safety training could be made even more efficient with Virtual Reality where the incident can be simulated numerous times giving them an opportunity to figure out an escape in their mind well-ahead. The greatest advantage of immersive VR training is its power to recreate different incidents. With that said, the first responders can virtually expose themselves to the incidents as many times as they want to learn how to safeguard themselves and others in real time.

Meynikara emphasizes the importance of VR safety Training for zero worker incident rate. In a survey conducted to identify the causes of worker incidents and accidents, it has been reported that the ineffective training sessions due to poor hazard communication and disengagement of trainees, is the one of the major causes of incident and accident rates. This could be eliminated only with a revolutionary visualization technology like VR that is created to provide authentic immersive experiences of high-risk scenarios simulated in a zero risk environment.

In a mission to spread this effective VR training solution to industries across the globe where occupational safety has to be prioritized, Meynikara is reaching out to 50 companies across the globe to deliver customized no cost VR training modules. Join Meynikara’s vision, spread the word and Let the future witness no worker incidents and accidents.

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