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Mishaps in ONGC - Causes and Solution

Updated: May 6, 2022

OIL and GAS industry inarguably has the highest risk of worker incident and accident rates. A small indifference can lead to a big disaster in no time. The BHN platform fire in 2005 is one of the scariest incidents so far that was caused by leakage in the pipeline which went unnoticed. The rescue operation during this mishap was a great deal due to bad weather. Though ONGC personnel pulled it off with the help of the navy, that was still a herculean task for them. Out of the 380 crew members, 11 died and 13 went missing in the 2 hours of continuous fire, making it the biggest ongc disaster in history. But these mishaps can be prevented with revolutionary technology.

Here is how Virtual Reality can prevent those mishaps. Virtually exposing the maintenance crew to the consequences due to leakages in prior would certainly prevent such disasters. In a traditional training method, there are chances for employees to be disengaged, either due to poor hazard communication or due to other distractions that surround. With VR safety training, it is reported that employees focus 4 times more than they do in e-training and 2 times more than they do in physical training. The increase in employee retention rate during the training sessions, resulted in fewer mistakes and higher productivity.

Meynikara recently delivered a VR training application as requested by a leading Oil and Gas company in India for training employees who are required to work at heights, in confined spaces and in loto . The HSE officer of the company stated that VR training is of great help to the employees in terms of safety adding that they will soon attain zero worker incident and accident rates in the oil and gas industry with VR training.

VR training can potentially zero down worker incident and accident rates with its visualization and simulation features that give an authentic immersive experience for the workers. Join Meynikara's mission to take VR training across all industries to zero down worker incident and accident rates. Together let’s prioritise worker safety!

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