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How to achieve Zero Worker incident Rate?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Businesses revolve around technology today. Manual works are long gone. Ever since things turned mechanical, the efforts have become minimal. However, there are still risks in operating the giant machines, electrical circuits, working at heights, in confined spaces. Though technology has made things easier, it has also made it riskier unfortunately.. Every year, the worker incident and accident rates seem to either stay unchanged or peak. The Times of India has stated that 48,000 occupational injuries happen annually on an average as reported by The British Safety council. Construction and manufacturing report the highest incidents so far as stated by the following sources- US bureau of Labour Statistics, Research gate, National Library of medicine.

Why do such incidents occur?

There are various factors that result in worker incident rate and the major ones are

  • Ineffective hazard communication

  • Poor employee Retention rate in the traditional training method.

  • When there is ineffective hazard communication, the employees would stay unclear in the field and the distractions in the traditional training method leading to poor retention will also keep the employees perplexed.

These risks of injuries and fatalities which are obviously the shortcomings of advancements can be curtailed by yet another revolutionary technological advancement i.e., Virtual Reality. Given the fact that the traditional training method has its own restrictions, It’s high time that industries adapt to VR Training where the authentic immersive experience gives unrestricted, wholesome, 360*, zero-risk training environment. The distraction-free training in VR leading to a 75% increase in retention rate, results in better safety and productivity. This hassle-free training has significantly reduced the worker incident and accident rate to 0.4% which is exactly why it is recommended for better safety and productivity.

Over the years, VR training is expected to achieve zero worker incident and accident rates. Above all, the huge sum of money and the number of hours spent on traditional training method every year can be reduced.

Join Meynikara in their mission of achieving zero worker incident and accident rates. Let’s ensure safety while doubling productivity. Sign up and talk to experts at Meynikara to bring the change!

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