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How is VR being received in the APAC region.

Virtual Reality has been around for a longtime. However, it is just gaining popularity. A few years ago, people were actually under the impression that VR is used only in gaming and some still do. But the fact is VR can be used in many industries like manufacturing, automotive, armed forces, healthcare & education, mainly to increase retention rate and improve productivity.

Though VR is quite known today, not all countries have come forward to explore it. Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Singapore and Japan are few of the countries in the APAC region that highly make use of VR. Of all these countries, China tops the list in the VR market. Reports say 95% of consumers in China use VR.

The technology allows scope for the users to achieve things that seem far-fetched. The greater good that this technology can bring in many industries is the reason for countries to adapt to it faster.

In these many years of developing and delivering VR projects for leading companies in the APAC region, nowhere did we find the VR market slowing down. The demand for VR has only been increasing for the wonders it could do with its amazing immersive visualization feature and simulation. Let’s adapt to VR to push boundaries and to explore the unexplored.

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