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How Do Trainees Learn Better with VR Safety Training?

Updated: May 6, 2022

Before knowing how VR training helps trainees learn better, let’s know what are the factors that cause disruption in physical training or in e training. In physical training/classroom, trainees are required to go to the assigned places and be prepared for the forthcoming risks. This involves travel pressure and the risk of worker incident and accident. When digitalization took over, physical training was replaced with e-training, where demonstration is screened. This led to low retention due to disengagement of trainees and poor hazard communication, which in turn caused worker incident and accident rates. In both these training methods, trainees are prone to make mistakes and face the consequences of it.

Virtual Reality Training eliminates all these risk factors and minimizes or nullifies mistakes as it retains the trainees’ focus 4 times more than the theoretical / e-learning and 2 times more than physical training. The greatest advantage of VR training is its visualization and simulation of hazard in an absolutely zero risk environment. The pretence of danger beforehand through simulation lets trainees face the consequence and gives room for them to handle the circumstances consciously. There is no physical exhaustion in VR training so, the trainees could have their VR headsets on and practice as many times as they please. The authentic physical clone of the industrial floor incorporated in VR training, gives trainees a customized training experience enhancing their orientation in the factory floor in Realtime.

With all the above stated advantages, VR training can definitely help trainees learn better and perform better. The learning outcome in VR training is better than what is expected as reported by the safety training authorities. A 80% increase in retention rate has been observed in VR training, leading to fewer mistakes and significant reduction in worker incident and accident rates and an appreciable increase in productivity.

Being an XR development company that has delivered and is delivering VR training services to leading companies across the globe, Meynikara strongly believes trainees can not only learn better but can also strengthen their skills with VR training.

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