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Global companies that adapted to VR Training

While some companies are enjoying acceratled growth with Vitual Reality, there is still a group that is quite sceptical about investing in it. The lack of clarity on the possible outcomes of VR could be one of the reasons for them to wait till they are given that credibility by those companies that tried VR. The benefits that the following fortune 500 companies stated after adapting to VR training, would give that expected clarity and credibility for other companies to switch to the technology for the better.

The well-doing, globally known Walmart, Porsche, Boeing and UPS are some of the early adopters of VR technology.

Laura Collings, training manager at UPS stated,

“You can train people faster, and people learn faster in a VR environment” adding that the retention rate has increased by 75%.

“Life happens in 360, not 2D video. We test our associates on the content they see. Those associates who [used] VR as part of their training scored higher than those who didn’t” said Brock McKeel, Senior director of digital operations at Walmart.

Also, like UPS, Walmart also discovered that the employees are highly engaged in VR training program like never before when they happen to see their test scores increase. Similarly, the other two companies also vouch for such revolutionary technologies which can make a huge difference in cost and in productivity.

In addition to this, using VR as a training tool drastically reduces worker incident and accident rates. Certain VR development companies like Meynikara have made it a point to help industries achieve zero worker incident and accident rates in the near future. As a part of it, they are bent upon reaching out to companies that involve high-risk jobs and give them a no cost tailor made VR training samples. Given the fact that the company has already worked for OIL and Gas corporation and other leading companies in India, this vision of theirs is highly appreciable. The company seems to have gained trust with their prompt replies. Also, their effective reception of the problem statement and the possible VR solutions they arrive at for every company, in order to give the best immersive training possible, has made them more reliable.

Besides, the VR technology itself has been made reliable with interactive training. So, the industries can explore the boundaries for sure with VR and become limitless.

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