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Get ready for the endless possibilities with AR VR across all industries!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are currently the ruling technologies that many industries are adapting to, for the convenience and resolution of possible problems these technologies offer.

Check out the industries that are currently outsourcing AR/VR solutions to finally wipe out the barriers they have been facing so far.

  1. Manufacturing

  2. Education

  3. Retail

  4. Architecture

VR in Manufacturing:

Virtual Reality training aims at effective safety training for workers who are required to work in high risk scenarios that include

  1. Working at heights

  2. Working in confined spaces. Ex: Cellar Pit.

  3. Electrical works

In addition to this, VR training gives a clear overview of space orientation in the unit, circumstantial mishaps and prior guidance on how to manage the consequences of those mishaps.

Here is a clip of safety training simulated in VR by Meynikara!

VR training not only aims at setting up a risk-free virtual environment for safety training, it also aims at cutting down the cost to 50% spent on manual training annually.

AR/VR in Retail:

The biggest challenge faced in e-commerce retailing of wearables is the physical barrier to try things out. And, the home essentials, whether bought online or offline cannot be tried out in home space before making a purchase. AR and VR can smoothly remove this barrier. Yes! Now, Retailers can set up a virtual showroom using VR and With AR, customers can try out the wearables and home decor in their space by just permitting access to their camera. The websites that integrated AR have more than 100% customer engagement rate and improved user experience when compared to the non-AR websites. Check out this AR TRIAL solution offered by Meynikara for the company:

Click here: .

VR in Architecture

VR can give life to sketched building plans. Now, it is easy to Seal a deal quicker with VR models of any architectural plan. To impress clients, architects can Walk them through the planned building structure and interior designs virtually. Clients can explore colour and design options for the building as and when they walk through the VR model. This improves productivity by 50% making the architects process the clients’ suggestions quickly and handover the project well ahead.

Watch how Meynikara has beautifully brought the building designed by Architecture incorporated to life,

AR VR in Education

AR and VR learning greatly contribute to education by providing real-time experience of diversified content which seemed inaccessible for students in traditional learning all along. Here are the prime uses of AR and VR learning:

  • Complex concepts can be simplified.

  • Equal educational exposure/opportunities for all students.

  • 50% Longer concept retention in memory with 3D visualization.

  • 70% Increase in attention span with interactive and immersive learning .

  • Improved interest in learning with gamified task sheets.

Check out how “Hippopappa”, an AR learning app created by Meynikara to make Math interesting with interactive story based AR Math activities.

Right now, if you are thinking of availing AR, VR solutions to your company too, here is a link to get the premium service from Meynikara, a company widely acknowledged for its best AR/VR services. To stay well informed ahead about more products and services such as these, subscribe here. Have any further queries? Ask here!

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