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Evolution of Safety training

The Safety training for the workforce that exists today is a gradual outcome of the lessons learnt from unprecedented mishaps at different times. Earlier, the workers in high-risk environments were hired based on how daringly decisive they were which means, come what may, the workers had to solely face it. The labour movement during the industrial revolution, has drastically changed this system with government intervention in the later years. The worker safety which the employers were once indifferent to, later turned out to be the employers’ first responsibility following labour demand. The increasing turnouts due to life-threatening incidents and accidents paved the way for the establishment of safety departments as per government instructions across all industries.

From working unguarded to now being proper safety instructions with safety kit- worker safety has indeed evolved for the better. Even after the betterment of safety training, when the fatalities in the workplace continued to happen for various reasons, the occupational Health and safety administration facilitated safety training with the possible advancements that could help in precision of training. The goal of this administration is to extend support in leveraging technologies to prevent workplace fatalities.

Virtual Reality is a milestone in advancements that has great usage in safety training. The greatest advantage of this advancement is its immersive visualization feature. Yes! This feature helps in authentic experience of workplace operations and importantly, occupational hazards through simulation. The consequences of hazards can be virtually recreated for workers to have enough knowledge to stay cautious. When workers get to practice the risk of occupational hazards in an absolutely zero risk environment with just a VR headset on, they can easily dodge or handle the risks in real time. VR safety training is expected to reduce the worker incident and accident rates and bring it to zero in future.

Some of the leading companies in the APAC region that have deployed VR safety training in their companies, have benefited big time from it. Meynikara is happy to have delivered VR training modules for those companies and proud to play a small part in the expected big revolution.

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