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Achieve Employee Retention With This Simple Trick

Turnout or absenteeism largely affects productivity. Hiring skilled employees when there is turnover is a challenge every time for the employers. With the increasing demand in the labour market, it’s quite hard for the employers to even find workers to train and employ them. The decrease in retention rate is the beginning of a company’s loss.

Of Course there are many reasons for turnout but the major reason is the disengagement of employees during the training period which might later lead to errors making the employees unfit to continue. The more disengaged they are during the training period, the more they lose focus and interest eventually. The best way to retain employees is to give them an impactful training session that would boost their confidence. Communicating the subject matter effectively is very important. But is the classroom training with presentation enough to do it? Absolutely No!

The workers who come from different educational and linguistic backgrounds cannot be given the same kind of training. They need individualized training according to their reception which cannot be made possible in traditional training methods. For the most part, the existing training methods are unscalable and impenetrable, leaving them unclear during the performance in the field.

So what can be done to make training more effective?

VR training is the solution to make training more effective. All employees irrespective of their educational and linguistic backgrounds, can learn faster and better with VR training due to the immersive learning environment that it provides. In a traditional training method where it takes 12-18 months for the company to train an individual, there is no way for the company to have accelerated productivity. But, when a company can train a new hire faster and more efficiently in VR training, the production downtime can definitely be prevented to a greater extent.

All the companies that deployed VR training for their employees reported a 70% increase in the retention rate, which is unattainable with either classroom training or e-training. The companies that got their VR training developed by Meynikara personally thanked the developers stating that the retention rate and productivity has gone higher since the deployment. This one trick of deploying VR training in companies is a great way to improve retention rate.

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